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FEMWAV (FKA Fembot5) is an ’empowerment network’ for female and queer talent from India.
Musicians, content creators, writers, producers and DJs collectively creating empowerment
models and increased representation of women’s music. The website is a ‘community showcasing artist narratives,
interviews, new music, podcasts, DJ mixes and essays. For more information or to volunteer and collaborate, write to us –

360 degree empowerment programs, interventions, artist interviews,
podcasts, events and more!

Founded in 2019, more than forty contributors have provided inspiration, insight, content, research and new ideas. Three driving principles that we follow at FEMWAV are
Research, Advocacy and Action. As a voluntary organization, we are non-hierarchical, decentralized and independent (no institutional endowments)

Stories, narratives, interviews, essays about women and non-binary artists from India. The emerging ‘Femscape’